Lodge Adviser’s Minute – Winter 2020

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Congratulations to our newest Ordeal and Brotherhood members; we hope to see a lot more of you at our upcoming events! Congratulations are also in order for our newly elected or re-elected youth officers! These five gentlemen work extremely hard to lead the Lodge over the course of the year, and both deserve and need our support to do their jobs. I am very proud of the Lodge for assembling the second largest contingent ever to head to NOAC at Michigan State University. I am very confident everyone attending, either with the Contingent or on Staff, will have an amazing and exciting experience and will represent our Lodge very well! These are challenging times for youth groups and volunteer organizations alike. Our Lodge is no di.erent and we rely on three things to keep the show going: Youth involvement, volunteer service, and funding. Our Lodge operates on a very tight budget each year. We don’t have hundreds of donors knocking down our door trying to give us money to do new, cool stu. each year. Our large scale projects, like our recent rebuild of the Docks at Camp Bashore or the climbing wall and pavilion at Camp Mack, come from lots of volunteer hours trying to secure funding. I hope you will consider adding one of our special Commemorative Flap Sets to your Scouting memorabilia collections – as the funds generated from this awesome patch set will help us to refurbish the OA Ceremonial Circles at both camps. This is a great opportunity to help leave your mark in preparing for our next generations of Arrowmen, even if it is just one patch set at a time!

In service,

Eric Shea

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