Lodge Elections Update

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Beginning in February, Lodge Election Teams will be available to schedule Order of the Arrow Unit Elections throughout our Council. Units will be able to schedule their unit elections through May 1.

As in past years, our Lodge Election Teams will have been trained so that they are familiar with unit election requirements and procedures. Our Lodge Election Teams consist of one or more trained youth members and at least one trained adult member. The youth members actually conduct the election. The adult is there to supervise and ensure procedures are followed according to National Order of the Arrow guidelines.

Members, both youth and adult, will be trained at either their January or February Chapter Meetings. Contact your Chapter Chief or Adviser to confirm. Only those Arrowmen who have been trained will be authorized to conduct unit elections.

The Lodge requires all units to have our trained Election Teams conduct their elections. Having our Teams participate in unit elections will ensure an efficient election process and accurate results.

Unit Leaders should contact their Chapter Chief or Chapter Adviser to schedule their
unit election of to answer any election-related questions. Again this year, Ed Van Arsdale, III has volunteered to take on this responsibility of Unit Elections Adviser. If you have questions or would like to schedule your election, the contact information is listed below:

Unit Elections Adviser

Ed Van Arsdale, III, 413-7825, Ejv3bsa@gmail.com

Harvest District Chapter

Chapter Chief – Aaron Wood, 717-341-7361, aaron.m.wood9065

Adviser – Ben Wohlberg, 717-405-1946,  ben.wohlberg@gmail.com

Conestoga River District Chapter

Chapter Chief – Garret Yoder, 717-847-6459, kcgyoder@aol.com

Adviser – Howie Hartman, 717-283-6070, hh@hartmancommercialphoto.com

Horse Shoe Trail District Chapter

Chapter Chief – Mike Stanilla, Jr. 717-274-3784, mstanilla1024@gmail.net

Adviser – Mike Stanilla, 717-274-3784, mstanilla@verizon.net

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